Ask Me!: Anthony Meindl and agents?

Ask Me!: Anthony Meindl and agents?

Anonymous asked: Hi Angela, How are you doing. I hope all is well. I have two questions. Is Anthony Meindl Actor’s workshop any good? Do they help you later on with getting hired to an agent? Thanks in advance :-) -Mia


Hello Mia,

I’m sorry to say that I’ve never been. So I don’t know! My advice to you would be to do a little research. You can do a review search online, see what other…

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Ask Me!: New York Film Academy?

Ask Me!: New York Film Academy?

Anonymous asked: Do you know any good college at los angeles as new york film academy? what do you think about it?


Hmm. As far as LA schools go, I have no idea. I’m based out of NYC so my expertise is primarily here.

I am actually not a fan of NYFA.

I think it’s more of a factory than a school – they seem to have a pretty low bar for their teachers, meaning pretty much anyone can teach…

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Ask Me!: How to network?

Ask Me!: How to network?

Anonymous asked: What are ways to meet other actors, I wanna meet people to write, do plays, web series etc. But I dont know where. People say go to a class, but are there other ways?


I think class is the best possible way to network. Unless you know of a bar, cafe, or restaurant that actors hang out at! (If you find it let us know…)

You just basically have to go where the people in…

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Ask Me!: Do you HAVE to take acting classes?

Ask Me!: Do you HAVE to take acting classes?

soundsfromneptune asked: Do you HAVE to take acting classes in order to be an actor even if you are a good actor?

Unless this is Meryl Streep asking me  incognito (and even then… I’d probably say the same thing just to make a point!) YES.


Absolutely, yes. You must absolutely take acting classes. And when you’re working professionally you should use a coach for auditions and a coach for the…

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Ask Me!: HB Studio?

Ask Me!: HB Studio?

amanhattanplease asked: Hi I really love your blog, thanks for all the great advice. My question for you is what do you really think of HB Studio? I signed up for a workshop that’s starting soon to get a feel for the school and see if I would like to invest in scene study classes. Why didn’t you like it?


Hey there amanhattanplease,

I would say that jumping in to any kind of acting class…

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Ask Me!: Type-casting Asian actors?

Ask Me!: Type-casting Asian actors?

This is a question on type-casting that was sent to me privately that I thought I’d answer publicly…

Anonymous asked: I have been a struggling Asian actor for 12 years. I am represented in my state but joined a showcase in hope of gaining representation in Los Angeles. The showcase was 6 lessons, $75 each and $350 for the showcase. The woman running the showcase was responsible for finding an…

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Ask Me!: Have you ever been burnt out?

Ask Me!: Have you ever been burnt out?

the-omnibus asked: Have you ever been burned out and how did u find ur way back? Thx


Hello americanomnibus,

I haven’t ever really been burnt out as an actor but I have been burnt out in specific areas – the business side of it all and in an area of performance: In improv, to be exact. And I had to take a good, long, hiatus from it.

I had to put my attention back on what I love about being…

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Ask Me!: What do you think of Actor’s Connection?

Ask Me!: What do you think of Actor’s Connection?

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Actor’s Connection?


One of the most popular questions to ask me. Here are some of my answers:

Thanks for asking.

Need acting advice? Ask The NYC Actor!

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Ask Me!: John Osborne Hughes in NYC?

Ask Me!: John Osborne Hughes in NYC?

Anonymous asked: I know that you used to mention John Osborne Hughes a lot in the past, just about how great he is and how he sometimes does workshops in NYC. Can you keep updating on him and his future visits to NYC? I would love to take a class with him but I haven’t been able to find anything on his site about coming back to the city or anything


Hey there,

I would suggest following…

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Ask Me!: Will changing my hair change my type?

Ask Me!: Will changing my hair change my type?

Anonymous asked: I’m a working actor who wants to change her hair color without changing her type/ castability – any advice? I am naturally a brunette. I’m generally cast similarly to Anne Hathaway or Winona Ryder… kinda quirky, kinda cynical, always coming of age.


Hey there,

It’s very simple: If you change your hair color, you change your type.


I know someone who went form mousy…

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