Ask Me!: Is 39-years-old too old to start acting?

Ask Me!: Is 39-years-old too old to start acting?

Anonymous asked: Hi, I’m looking to break into the business. I am 39 years old. Am I too late?


I’ve spoken about this before and have included a couple of links to other conversations below.

I’ve been writing this blog now for over 4 years and every day I’m in this business I learn a little more. A few readers have commented that my advice can occasionally contradict itself. Which, when…

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Ask Me!: How do I give 100%?!

QUESTION FROM: M Hey, i really need your help. I am doing a play in two weeks and my teacher is kind of mad at me because she says i m not giving a 100 percent of me into my character. She says sometimes i show the character and sometimes i don t. Maybe because i m shy and my character is really complicated for me. she also said that what everybody is going to see at the play is the effect of…

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Ask Me!: $200 for an acting class?

Ask Me!: $200 for an acting class?

Anonymous asked: Is it legit to pay for a acting workshop? It’s over $200.

I’d have to know a little bit more about the class to say for sure (there are a lot of scams out there!), but it’s a pretty standard – even low – rate.

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Ask Me!: How to prepare?

Ask Me!: How to prepare?

Anonymous asked: how do you prepare yourself for the characters you have to play? i know some actors get inspired by music, do you do that? what else do you do?

Hello anonymous,

Well, it’s different from character to character and job to job. But I am a researcher at heart. I love to dig in to the emotional and psychological landscape of whomever I play by asking myself questions about…

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Ask Me!: Casting calls for kids?

Ask Me!: Casting calls for kids?


Anonymous asked: Hi! I was just wondering about how to find casting calls for kids? My brother is dying to be an extra on the next Hobbit film(s), and he is 9 years old. I have no idea what agency to trust, or even where to start looking on the internet, because a lot of scams have come up. How can I sign my brother up to be an extra? I’ve heard anyone can be cast as an extra, and we are not…

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Ask Me!: Any favorite blogs?

Ask Me!: Any favorite blogs?

Anonymous asked: I love your blog and there is something to be said about someone willingly putting themselves out there to help others in their profession, especially an actor simply because the entertainment industry is so competitive and I commend you! Do you have any other favorite blogs that you turn to of those who are also on the path that we are on of jumpstarting their acting career? I…

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The 25 Best Drama Schools in 2014 - Hollywood Reporter

The 25 Best Drama Schools in 2014 – Hollywood Reporter

Finally! People ALWAYS ask me what the best schools are, and now, I can tell you – through the Hollywood reporter, anyway. Casting directors weigh out on the best acting schools you can go to to make a difference in your career – and it’s not all about drama, either…

1Yale School of Drama

New Haven, Conn.

In The Winter’s Tale at Yale, Lupita Nyong’o played lost princess Perdita before being…

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Ask Me!: Commercial resume?

Ask Me!: Commercial resume?

Anonymous asked: Do you use a different resume for commercial work vs. film/tv works? For example, putting all of the commercial classes and work that you have taken/done on your commercial resume and all of your acting classes/work on your acting resume?

ANSWER: I don’t use a commercial resume at all.

It’s the one area in our industry where a resume is not really considered. That’s why we put…

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Ask Me!: Is this a scam?

Ask Me!: Is this a scam?

Anonymous asked: I went to audition for Seattle talent recently because they came to my city. I was expecting just an audition (that’s what the radio ad made it sound like), but then they were saying they are doing 6 workshops that cost $500 and next month they will have a showcase and agents will come see everyone perform. In the ad I heard on the radio, they just said they were casting for TV…

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Claire Danes, Julianna Margulies, Keri Russell on Explicit Sex Scenes, Crazy Fans and Lactating on George Clooney - THR Video

Claire Danes, Julianna Margulies, Keri Russell on Explicit Sex Scenes, Crazy Fans and Lactating on George Clooney – THR Video

The six Emmy contenders talk to THR about the roles that got away, the difficulty of filming romantic scenes while seven months pregnant and the pressure of their jobs.

This story first appeared in the May 30 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Full article…

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